Female Friendly Porn

Female Friendly Adult Stores

The days of the dingy, neon-lit porn shop are fading. In the 21st century, more adult stores are catering to women. We're talking nice decor, friendly staff and quality products. Some even won't allow men in unless they're accompanied by a woman. Vibrator companies are now producing high-end silicon products that are a far cry from the old jelly penis substitutes of old. This page lists some of the best female-friendly adult stores, both online and in the meatworld.


Ms Naughty’s Gamelink Store –This is a co-branded site that focuses on female-friendly porn movies. Adult films are Gamelink’s specialty and they offer them in all kinds of formats – VOD, downloads, streaming and simple DVD. Also heaps of sex toys.

Femplay Australia – If you're Australian, this great site will help you buy adult products locally. They also stock the unusual silicone vibrators by Downunder Toys which are hard to find elsewhere.

JT’s Stockroom – This site is not just for women but it has a female friendly vibe amid all the kinky toys. A great place for fetish stuff and unusual, top quality items.

Mail and Female - An Amsterdam-based adult store for women. The European location means you will find items not available elsewhere.

Hot Movies For Her - An offshoot of the major Hot Movies video on demand site, this blog and review site recommends female friendly movies with a queer slant.

Good Vibrations - In 1977 sex positive pioneer Joani Blank opened the first Good Vibrations store in San Francisco. She wanted to create a clean, well-lit alternative to the usual adult bookstores. Since then, GoodVibes has been catering to women's sexual needs. It now has an extensive online presence as well as several physical locations.