Female Friendly Porn

Non Sexist Porn Sites

One of the best ways to find female friendly porn is to look online. The internet offers easy, fast and private access to all kinds of erotic content catering to a wide variety of tastes. Here you'll find a selection of porn sites that cater to a female audience. Some are straight, some are queer and some are more "mainstream" but still female friendly.

Bright Desire

At last, I have my own major site featuring all of my erotic short films and sex scenes! Bright Desire is the embodiment of a new way of thinking about porn; it depicts sex in a positive, joyful way, with intimacy, passion, laughter, connection and emotion. Featuring real-life couples and imaginative solo scenes, Bright Desire is new wave, feminist porn. The site also features my erotic fiction and writing along with an archive of good porn. I'm so proud of it. Please visit! - Ms Naughty
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Pink Label TV

Shine Louise Houston, director of the Crash Pad Series, also runs this great site, which is a huge selection of feminist and queer porn available on-demand. This means you can choose to watch individual films by such amazing directors as Petra Joy, Jennifer Lyon Bell, Courtney Trouble, Jiz Lee, Anna Span and many other indie producers. There's a huge variety available here, though there's a focus on queer and trans porn.
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Lust Cinema

European feminist filmmaker Erika Lust has created her own VOD and membership site featuring all of her quality films plus other great female-friendly movies including movies by Tristan Taormino, Jennifer Lyon Bell, Ovidie, Puzzy Power, Dirty Diaries and Maria Beatty. New films are added regularly.
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Pure Cunnilingus

Images of men going down on women are still very rare in porn. In mainstream "couples" movies you might see a small amount of it but it's very much a neglected sex act. This is where Pure Cunnilingus comes in. It's a site dedicated to male-female clit licking. It features HD cunnilingus movies, photos, erotic fiction, advice and articles. There's a real focus on female pleasure and female orgasm.
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Lustery features real life couples who have filmed themselves having sex. It's a sort of high-end feminist amateur porn site with a focus on passion and pleasure. Run by director and performer Paulita Pappel who was inspired to make the site after watching her own self-made porn.
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Sssh is "a smart and sexy erotic journal, by women for women." This site is part of the Wasteland stable of sites and features a plethora of high quality content including HD movies, TV-style series (erotic soap operas), erotic fiction, artistic photo galleries and even video tutorials on things like pole dancing. Sssh takes a softer approach to porn and thus it's ideal if you're new to porn or just want a more nuanced and romantic vision of sex.
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The Crash Pad Series

Lesbian auteur Shine Louise Houston broke boundaries when she made The Crash Pad, a film about an apartment where queer folk went to hook up. She followed through with the Crash Pad Series site, which follows the same idea. Here you'll find dozens of quality lesbian and queer porn movies and photos, all shot in San Francisco with a hugely diverse case of femmes, butch dykes, bois, transmen and women and genderqueer performers. Winner of a slew of feminist porn awards, this site is a favourite among the queer community.
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Canadian queer director Kate Sinclaire seeks to capture true and authentic experiences of sexuality - no matter what gender or orientation. Cine Sinclaire offers a wide selection of sexy scenes, produced ethically and with a view to creating realistic, diverse and inclusive porn.
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Verso Cinema

Verso Cinema

Verso Cinema is a collective of mainly European directors who are seeking to combine quality filmmaking with scenes of explicit sex using pseudonyms. These filmmakers are used to making mainstream films and bring a different perspective to creating porn. The result is very artistic, different visions of sex and sexuality.
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Gentleman Handling

Australian filmmakers and performers Gala Vanting and Aven Frey are behind Gentleman Handling, an indie site that they describe as "a lovely place to watch moving images of male masturbation. Gentleman Handling attempts to strip the image of male sexual pleasure from its less-than-savoury pornographic contexts and situate it in a style of imagemaking that is honest, attentive, and reverent." The site features video and photos of solo men as well as male-male pairings.
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Indie Porn Revolution

Indie Porn Revolution (previously NoFauxxx.Com) was created in 2002 as a space to explore sex beyond straight, gay, lesbian, and gender binaries. This site led to the creation of the "Queer Porn" genre, with it’s  all-inclusive casting and production standards. By all means an obscure, self-funded under-dog, No Fauxxx remains the longest-running porn site of it’s kind. No Fauxxx’s genre and gender-less navigation structure encourages the audience to think outside thier own boxes and find something new and exciting to get off to.
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X-Art doesn't specifically aim itself at a female audience but it does include a lot of female-friendly content, especially when it comes to hardcore hetero couples videos and photos. The quality of the photography and videos is superb and the site is updated three times a week with new stuff. All the models are good looking - including the guys - although there's not much diversity in body type.
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Club Stroke

Online since 1997, Club Stroke features amateur straight men masturbating for the camera. You'll find a wide variety of guys on this site from the typical muscle bound hunk to indies and boys-next-door. The language on the site speaks to gay men but there's plenty here for women to enjoy. You also get access to Yanks which is the equivalent female masturbation site. If you're a fan of solo masturbation you'll love both of these sites.
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