Female Friendly Porn

Why Paying For Good Porn Helps Everyone

It's pretty easy to find free porn on the internet. Tube sites feature thousands of hours of uploaded videos and torrent sites allow you to download adult movies within seconds. It's all there before you and you don't even have to leave the house. It's pretty easy to believe that all porn should be free.

I thought I'd write this article to point out that obtaining your porn this way has negative effects, particularly on small independent filmmakers and producers - the ones who are trying to make good, female friendly porn.

The more you don't pay for good porn, the less of it there'll be.

If you want porn that looks halfway decent you need to hire locations and crew, pay for good lighting and decent cameras. You need to edit it and maybe add music to enhance it. And then you have to pay your talent - vital in creating ethical, respectful porn. All of that costs money. While the major studios have cash to spare for this, independent producers don't.

Most creators of female-friendly porn films and sites are self-funded. They're paying for it out of their own pockets. Often films are made on shoestring budgets and favours are called in. They also face issues with distributing their hard-copy DVDs (which cost money to press). A large number of the existing feminist porn producers are not seeing massive profits from their efforts. A lot of them put any money they make into creating their next movie or scene.

When you don't pay for female friendly porn, you deprive the producer of the opportunity to make more good porn. And you also aren't compensating those involved for your enjoyment.

If you are getting off on seeing porn stars fuck, show them some respect by paying for it. Queer porn star Jiz Lee has said the only time she's ever felt exploited in porn is when people pirate it (please read Jiz's full post about piracy here).

Sure, sometimes you can't afford it or it's too difficult to pay and easier to just download. But if you have done it in the past, please make an effort to buy things in the future. Spend a few minutes seeing if you can find a video on demand site that offers what you want. Join the subscription site if it exists. If there's a donation button on a page, use it. If you've seen something you like via piracy, buy the hard copy.

And please, don't upload existing porn films onto torrent sites. Don't upload scenes you don't own onto tube sites. Give indie producers a chance. If they want people to get a taste of their work they will provide samples and free porn themselves.

Because if it keeps happening, no-one will have the money to make good quality porn. It will come down to lowest-common denominator porn churned out in the hope of making a few bucks. Female-friendly porn - a "niche" category - won't stand a chance.

I'm writing this as an independent producer of porn. And also a consumer and fan of female friendly porn. Please, please, think about how your porn is produced and do your best to support it financially.

- Ms Naughty

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